All are welcome to join us in our practice. We meet on the first and third Sunday morning of each month. See below for location and other information about these sessions.  Although basic meditation instruction is available for beginners, many in our group have received basic meditation instruction in some other context, and many continue to participate in meditation retreats in various traditions. Although we have established certain "ways of doing things" over the years, we are always evolving in our approach to practice as a community. Our practice is an "engaged" Buddhist practice, with an emphasis not only on formal meditation, but on mindfulness– maintaining focused awareness throughout activities of everyday life. When one lives with awareness, the desire to bring joy to others and alleviate their suffering evolves naturally. To this end, our community has made the commitment to support worthy causes, including construction & operation of schools in Hue, central Vietnam, and medical projects in cooperation with Hue Medical College in Vietnam. Those who attend our meetings are encouraged to help support us in these efforts.

We are guided in our practice by the Five Mindfulness Trainings, Thich Nhat Hanh's articulation of the traditional Five Precepts of Buddhism.  Rather than trying to live rigidly in accord with these ethical standards, we strive to keep them in our awareness as we are confronted with situations in our daily lives that have the potential to cause us suffering, or cause suffering to others. As time goes by, our awareness practice leads us naturally to live more and more in accord with these guidelines. We acknowledge, however, that it is not possible to be perfect in our practice of these trainings; it is enough to strive in that direction. Members of our sanhga who are members of Thich Nhat Hanh’s core community, the Order of Interbeing, are also guided in their practice by the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings.
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The Mindfulness Community of Hampton Roads meets at the home of Allen Sandler, at 612 Westover Avenue in the Ghent area of Norfolk (please enter at rear door).

Everyone is welcome to join us, including beginners, & folks who are simply curious about mindfulness practice.  There is no requirement to be Buddhist! 

If you wish to be added to our mailing list for meeting notifications and other sangha events, please email Allen
We meet for sitting meditation, walking meditation, a brief dharma talk on video, and dharma sharing on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 10:30-12:30, occasional followed by a small shared snack. To maintain a contemplative atmosphere, we do our best to remain silent during these sessions other than during an initial period of greeting & during dharma sharing. Throughout the morning, we make an effort to engage in mindful breathing. When the bell is invited, we listen with our full attention. Sometimes we enjoy a little snack together, and occasionally have a pot-luck lunch, eating mindfully together. Please click here for information about each of these practices.

Mindfulness Community of Hampton Roads

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